Time is Of The Essence

Remixed by Dark Destroyer
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Well, it’s been nearly three years since my last submission. I hope (if you wish to seek out my previous remixes, though I don't necessarily encourage you to do so) that some of the experience I have gained during that time is apparent. There was no overall concept for this, just some particular sounds I was hearing. Apart from a few sparse samples from the original theme; all the electronic and percussion elements are new (mostly my own performances). The solo vocals, electric guitar and drums were all recorded live. I have also used vibraphone, individually sampled music box notes and bowed glass. I wanted an eclectic mix of unusual elements, to reflect the temperament of our favourite Time Lord. No middle eight currently, possibly in the future if there is demand for it.


P.S. If you have liked this, you may like to visit my SoundCloud page. There you can find samples of my other scoring work (not Doctor Who related) and some alternate versions of this mix (with more probably to come). https://soundcloud.com/bookbinder3

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