Rory Hoys 50 Years Of Time And Space Mix

Remixed by Rory Hoy
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Hi There!

I hope you remember me - my name is Rory Hoy, and I am a DJ/Producer from the North of England. I’ve just released my 5th album on Freddy Fresh’s Howlin’ Records label (USA) and have had numerous releases over the last few years including singles, EP’s, Collaborations and remixes.

My work has been praised by people like Fatboy Slim, Craig Charles (who regularly plays me on his BBC6 Funk & Soul Show), Mr. Scruff, Fake Blood, etc. I’ve featured on British and American TV, Radio and Press and last year, won the Yorkshire Young Achiever Of The Year Award hosted by ITV alongside Corrie Actor, Mikey North. My latest single, 'I’m Ur MF’ featuring Kitten & The Hip (Ashley Slater, who formed Freakpower with Fatboy Slim and had a Top-3 Hit and Vocalist Scarlett Quinn) has been picked up by a major promoter in France, who look after people like David Guetta and Justin Timberlake and is set to do big things.

A few years ago, I submitted a mashup of the Murray Gold Version with Fatboy Slim’s ‘Going Out Of My Head’, which I was never too happy with personally. Since it’s the 50th anniversary tomorrow, I am attaching a new cover version of the theme I did entirely from scratch. I hope you like it, and all the very best

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