On Interfering In Something That Is Best Left Alone

Remixed by Mutagene
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I wanted to have something to update whomix with for the 50th, and wasn't sure if there would be any submissions (how things change..). I'd also been thinking of making a theme using only elements of An Unearthly Child (minus the actual theme - that would be cheating) which were, at least if auditioned individually, somewhat recognizable.

Sometimes the exercise is a bit more interesting than the result. I started off in 4/4 time working on a mix that would have eventually evolved into a downtempo dubby thing or maybe something darkwave - but thought it was a bit too far off the theme. So starting again, I ended up making something that was entirely more faithful to the theme than I had intended - and yet hampered, perhaps, by the strict rules I had set for myself. I think maybe the whole thing might sound better without the ambient loops, but on the other hand if you take them out it sounds less like the source material - and I wanted it to sound noticeably of its vintage. Given that the recording I worked from - ripped from an online An Unearthly Child video (my only copy is on Beta tape a world away) - it is VERY vintage - nothing above 10kHz.

Anyway, because the process is maybe more important than the results, here's the breakdown:


  • John Smith and the Common Men sample shifted down in Kontakt and resynthesized in Alchemy
  • Incidental music woodwinds sample
  • TARDIS/generator sound noise filtered in Audacity and then resynthed in Alchemy
  • Sample of the Doctor laughing slowed down in Paul Stretch and then filtered with a note-tracking resonant filter


  • Lead 1 & 2: generator sound similar to above (Audacity+Alchemy)
  • Lead (middle 8): school bell sound slowed down considerably and resynthed with Alchemy (and probably the least like its source sound)

I synthesized a kick drum which I considered using as accompaniment for the baseline, but instead side chained to a compressor for effects / melody / ambience. Otherwise, lots of compressors here and there and lots of delay and verb (Valhalla).

I don't see going back to the well again with this anytime soon, but that summarizes my recreation/remix efforts for the 50th.

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