Delia in the Stars

Remixed by CloisterProductions
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Hey! This is my first ever Whomix submission. The primary software used to create this mix were Audacity and Logic Pro, and before this mix, I had hardly used either of them at all. This mix is quite odd, I think what makes it unique is the inclusion of the 'Howell Crescendo’, its not really used in many mixes, and I thought it would be nice to include it. The bassline of this mix is made up of five main layers, one of which is the ‘grace note’ layer and the other four the usual ‘bass notes’. The sounds used on the bass are quite strong, with some plucked string in there too. Instead of using the sting to begin the theme, I though I’d throw in some reverse delay. The second layer is simply a generic ‘electric piano’ preset in Logic Pro, but with the waveform ever so slightly tampered with and some ‘wobble’ added (you can tell how musically savvy I am!) The melody has a number of different layers, most obvious of which is Delia’s melody, also used at various speeds and pitches to create an ambient effect. I used the hiss-loop in multiple layers, also using the Wind Bubble at the end, as you do. The crescendo is simply a sample of Delia’s melody, pitched up one semitone (and repeated). You may also hear the sound of a certain time machine in there too…

Enjoy guys! Please, do leave a comment! I may do more in the future, it depends how this one goes first!

This mix wouldn’t be possible without Danny Stewart! Many thanks as always!

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