Dr Who Theme 2014

Remixed by Rob Thorpe
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This is my third arrangement of the theme - the previous two are already on Whomix ('Dr Who Theme 1996' credited to the 'Prydonian Renegades', and 'Dr Who Theme 2004' credited under my name).

This latest one was conceived as an attempt to update the 1996 version's 'rock orchestra' feel, but with the other-worldliness and spookiness that I think that one lacks, mainly in it's melody line. So the main theme is no longer purely orchestral; it's now a synth-sine type sound with an attempt at the kind of portamento glides done so much better by Delia Derbyshire and Peter Howell.

It also has a new, extended introduction, a different lead-in (the bit that would segue in to the actual episode), and the 'building chords' from the full Peter Howell version. It was completely re-sequenced from scratch (the MIDI files for the 1996 one have been lost). Sounds are from Garritan Personal Orchestra, EZDrummer (played live on a MIDI kit then tidied) and a Korg M1.

I hope you like it. Feedback would be most welcome.

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