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After seeing the first of the Eccleston "Doctpr Who" episodes last Saturday I just knew I had to do a version of the theme tune. I grabbed a midi version off the Internet, imported it into Cakewalk's Project 5 threw a bunch of soft synths at it and there you go. Well actually it took about 6 remixes to get it just right ! In the end it seems to have ended up as a bit of a Who Part mix, perhaps I should lengthen it a bit !

For the Synth heads out there, the bass is a mixture of Muon Tau (a TB303 clone) and a sampled base using the DS864. The drums a samoled loop with Roland GrooveSynth and Velocity accenting various items. The rest of the synths are Psyn and Vanguard. There's also a couple of sampled sounds from the show
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