Just US2 @ The End of the World

Remixed by moxxagene
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**Spoilerphobe warning: Contains dialog samples from Rose and The End of the World**

Not much to say. Lots of Absynth, Oddity impOSCar, DR008, Kontakt hold this track together along with some dubious scratching samples picked up from looperman.com.

Well, I say "hold together", but the track was really only supposed to be around 1:30 long and was supposed to work out like US3's Cantaloop. I couldn't remember Cantaloop well enough, but I found myself getting nostalgic for early 90s acid jazz grooves and figured I should make it full length so that I could coolly nod my head a little bit longer. Unfortunately that hurt the structure of the mix and resulted in the "Time Lord" theme from the new series being shoveled in half-arsed, but, well, my patience runs thin.

Update 2005.05.01: A version without dialog samples or scratching can be found at http://whomix.trilete.net/wiki/index.php?title=User:Mutagene Because it's a variable bitrate .ogg, the sound quality's also slightly better.
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