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Liking the idea behind the new series theme I decided to take the matter into my own hands and apply my Yamaha CS1x to the challenge to make a really full sounding mix, with harmonies that stay closer to the theme than in the new series' version. Taking a few ideas from Mr Gold's version (such as the strings harmonising with the bassline) I built up an orchestral version that really doesn't pull any punches. The instrument sounds I used are deliberately synth sounding, since the supposedly 'real' samples sounded more synthed that the synth versions.

The instruments themselves consist of a string sound harmonising with the bassline, a brass sound harmonising with the treble and a second string sound adding to the brass section.

The drums were along the same lines as in the new series mix.

The Derbyshire mix used was track1 on the first 'Doctor Who at the Radiophonic Workshop' CD. I passed this track through a stereo echo filter and a 3 band equaliser to increase the bass and treble. All the resulting tracks were layered into Cubasis and post produced with wavelab.

***Update***: After feedback about the drums in the mix, I consulted my synth's user manual and discovered an entirely new sound bank. Most of the sound bank contained drum kits for various styles of music and so I have used the classical dums provided there to improve the drums in this mix.

The old version can be found here.
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