Poor man\'s Doctor Who

Remixed by Allan Spears
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I've made a few comments about some of the entries on the site, so I figured I'd dig up my really old mix and send it in. I doubt you'll put it up, but here it is. I made it a long time ago back in the mid 90's when I was fifteen or so. I can't quite remember. I had a copy of Digitracker and had a go at making a mix and since it was all synth stuff doing a Doctor Who piece seemed only logical! The track name on the cassette I recorded it to was Doctor Who - 9th Doctor's Theme so I couldn't exactly reuse that. I retitled it Poor Man's Doctor Who because of the sample I substituted for the Tardis. See if you can guess what it is! It's pretty obvious, though surprising how it actually doesn't sound too bad stepping in for an absent Tardis sample. Also, the synth instrument used for the base line is the same as the one used for the melody. Only difference is the octave used. Not sure what else I can tell you about it. The recording is bad simply because I have no way of splicing my cassette player into the computer to get a clear recording. The way I've actually recorded it here is by a trial version of a voice recorder app and a logitech webcam microphone(!).
Things that I do like about it are the bass sound and the way the melody sort of reverbs with it when the octaves mix.
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