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I have a remix I'd like you to consider including on the site - it's reasonably faithful to the original, described as "Dominic Glynn with balls" by one of my friends. It's probably closest to a combination of Howell and Glynn but with elements of McCullough (talk about sitting on the fence!!!) but I've never been entirely happy with the melody line (too 80s monosynth for me but sound design and editing has never been my strong point!)

It was created entirely on a Korg 01/W pro synth but the overall sound is very slightly tweaked using Cakewalk Sonar's effects. It was originally recorded on a Yamaha MT120 4-track recorder and, unfortunately, when transferring onto the PC it has lost a little of its stereo quality (the stereo image appears to be contracted quite a bit by my sound card's inputs) and there are some traces of unwanted distortion.
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