Wanderers in the Fourth Dimension

Remixed by Marinedalek
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First of all I sampled a single 1/2 bar phrase (Dum de dum) from the intro of the Delia Derbyshire theme. I then altered that into around 20 other phrases, all those required for the complete bassline. Using these I assembled the bassline and added a few effects to it to make it seem more electronic. The ending "drone" is the basic drone ending with an echo effect applied and a reverberating "Thud" (Taken from the Tardis takeoff effect) mixed in.

After completing the bassline I made the melody sections in a similar way to how they were originally created. I created specific lengths of saw-wave pitched at certain notes and cut these together to make a basic melody. To this I added a heavy reverb to smooth out the edits. Also I made a copy of the melody, pitch-shifted it up by an octave and mixed it back in with the first melody at half-volume to give an effect reminiscent of the organ sounds on the Derbyshire theme.

I then mixed in the TARDIS sound effect over the last 13 repeated phrases. Finally I created a simple intro by taking a simple downwards rolling sine wave and adding a few pre-delays and forward delays to it.
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