The Schrodinger Effect Teaser

Remixed by Tony Gallichan
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Done for a Doctor Who film that never happened. This track was for one of the DVD extras - a computer generated fly through of the TARDIS. Its the first draft, so to speak, but only needs the slightest tweak for the finished product. I put some special sounds in to give a better effect. It includes references to the film's theme as well as a certain Ron Grainer classic.... Thouhg it was never done, this was the piece that apparently changed the feel of the whole film and got me the gig. Big shame the thing never actually happened

Imagine flying through the Vortex, the Police Box spinning towards you, flying straight in, through to the console room, Go through the Time Column into the butterfly room. Amidst the wonder, a dark shadow falls over you - a Gallifreyan Flutterwing. Into the engine room, all pumping pistons and valves. Closer to the main drive - and the engines re - engage. Then through to the corridors, drifting gently through them, room by room, discovering new wonders and new eccentricities, until, finally, going back out, into the Vortex as the Ship spins away from you.

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