Doctor Howell

Remixed by HardWire
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This is a recreation of the Peter Howell theme. A lot of hard work went into recreating many of the key sounds, and it tries to remain true to the Howell theme as much as possible. Some of the original instruments were used, such as the CS80V for the bassline. That alone took about 3 weeks to get right, and the whole track has taken more than six weeks to complete, and a lot of sleepless nights and headaches to go with it. :) Some things do not sound 'the same' and i am resigned to the fact that Peter Howell created the original that way for a reason. But as hard as it has been to emulate it, hopefully i've achieved something similar. I've worked very closely with Danny Stewart again on this theme, and I must thank him for all his hard work on attaining the accuracy that this theme has to the original, and for pointing me toward some of the correct instruments to use.

Feedback most welcome as usual...enjoy
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