Revenge of the Synthesiser

Remixed by Marinedalek
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First of all I made a simple pulse by combining a triangle and square wave together. I then cut this pulse together into all the sections I needed to create the piece. However I then found the pulse was too hollow - it needed some depth. Because of this I made a sequence of distorted saw waves to emphasise the root note of each chord. After this was done I started on the ending "Boom". I sampled the explosion from the end of the Peter Howell theme and on top of this mixed lots of FM synthesised sound effects (all my own work!). Soon I realised I needed the melody so I synthesised an electric guitar/organ hybrid and cut the melody sections together note by note until I had a full section. Then I applied a heavy reverb to fill it out and make the joins less obvious. This done, I mixed the melody sections onto the bassline.

To create the beggining lead-in I synthesised a downwards glissando modulated by a high frequency square wave. To this I added a delay and reverb, before reversing it and adding it to the start of the music.

Finally, to emphasise some points and make some quiet spots more interesting, I made a heavily flanged noise track, a rising glissando and a modified version of the lead-in reversed. I then addded these where I thought appropriate.


Note: Updated with Synth Experience One

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