Synth Experience 1 & 2

Remixed by Marinedalek
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This is a new edit of Revenge of the Synthesiser. The main difference is a tweaked bassline. When I was remastering the bassline I realised how good a decision it was to keep copies of each stage of the theme build-up. I took the basic pulses for the bassline and added a reverb to them. On top of this I mixed two different alterations of the pre-reverb bassline to retain some of the clarity. I chorused the hum in the background to make it less ZX-Spectrum. I then proceeded to put together the remix again with the files, lengthening the echo on the melody sections slightly. As I was completing the re-assembly, I realised that I hadn't saved a few of the files and so I synthesised some similar sounds to go in their place. I also replaced some sounds on purpose (such as the flanged noise leading up to the boom at the end), and added some more (such as the downwards tinkles on the long melody notes). The whole remix was re-equalised to enhance the higher parts of the melody and the lower parts of the bassline.

Synth Experience 2 :: I started this third edit of Revenge of the Synthesiser by heavily changing the timbre of the bassline. There are about 3 layers, one with a pre-echo, a chorused one with a long echo and an equalised one with short echo. I did away with the root note howl under the bassline because the bassline stood up well enough on its own.
The lead-in was synthesised from scratch and a distorted sample of the Dominic Glynn lead-in was mixed in as well. For the drone I went back to the Peter Howell explosion and added some new effects to it. I changed and added to the leadup to the explosion as well. The melody sections were distorted with a chorus effect and added to the bassline. I then added the 2 new effects to the remix which were synthesised in a similar way to the lead-in.
At this point, the remix sounded too similar to the previous two so I decided to accentuate the melody sections with new synthesised material. I created an organ/strings hybrid in the synthesiser and cut the note lengths together to form the basic tune. A heavy reverb was added to make them sound more orchestral and finally they were added over the top of the melody sections. I think that this is the best of the three but you can make your own judgement.
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