A Modern Classic

Remixed by Matt Jessop
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Tags: This was actaully made quite a while ago, but I was waiting for
another remix to kinda pop up on here first, but since that hasn’t, decided
to send this in :-) This remix is pretty basic, no fancy effects really at
all, but it takes it’s inspiration from the different actual T.V themes,
including the Derbyshire, Howell and Gold remixes, which you can really
easily pick out of the song, it’s not one of these remixes that “puts part
of a theme in” but you have to sepnd like half an hour, listening to it 10x
over in reverse to find it XD. Anyway, I’m hardly the most talented guy
around, but still, I’m pretty proud of this mix, and I think it’s quite
catchy. Hope you enjoy.

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