Determined Who Too

Remixed by JeX
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This is a remix of my first ever Whomix 'Determined Who'. I figured I've picked up quite a bit 'recording-wise' over the last few months so I'd have a go at improving on a previous attempt. It's quite a bit different from the original version in terms of the sound palette and also I took on board that people's opinions of the intro/outro on the original were mixed, but overall of a negative vibe :) So I omitted the original intro (I must agree it was a bit naff) but left a juiced-up outro in as otherwise it would have been stripped of the bulk of the original idea.

This one is quite a bit more 'crunchy' than last time, and I've replaced the original repetitive drum track with something that is busier and more realistic (I think). I've also been working on trying to get more level into the final mix as I've struggled to get a master with enough energy and that's not awash with low frequencies - I seem to be making some headway with that. Also a few new swishy, swirly, space sounds chucked in for good measure.
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