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I had the main theme in mind when writing the Vortex mix. This one tries
uses elements of Howell and Gold, and some of the Derbyshire effects are in
there. The purpose was to try and bring back some of the things which I
think are essential to the theme, such as a full on bassline, and to have
the main oo-ee-oo sounding prominent and spooky, like Howell’s. The Gold
strings are present although they work a bit different, and there are some
Timpani, low strings and a subtle drum arrangement behind it all. The
Bassline sounds a little like Howell’s yet is actually very different, but
tries to achieve the same effect as being in-your-face. The whole track runs
on the Derbyshire key and there are some old and new effects used. As always
thanks to Danny & Ian Stewart for their advice and knowledge in the original
themes. Hope you enjoy :)

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