The Monsters are Coming

Remixed by Chris Rice
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Hello all, this is another attempt at a mix with some originallity (that
does not mean anyone elses mix does not have originallity!) It’s a more
upbeat mix, using the traditional dance 4 beat this time. I wanted the beat
to sound like a marching army of cybermen! I don’t use so many samples in
this mix, i wanted to have more of a running theme! And as the cybermen
have returned in series 2, i wanted to dedicate the mix to them. As per
usual there is loads of reverb and delay! I found quite a nice synth sound
for the main theme (Well i think so ;-)). I have changed the middle 8
slightly and given it a more uplifting feel, i think this suited the mix.
Anyway enougth dribble, i hope you like it! Feedback both positive and
developmental most welcome.

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