Matinee Intermission

Remixed by Mutagene
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My laptop is finally fixed and working, so I thought I'd explore my new tools (Cubase SX2.2 upgrade (monologue!), Absynth 2, Kontakt 1.5, etc..) by making an ultra cheesy remix of the theme which would sound like it was being played by someone on an old hammond organ with the built in tacky drum machine. Then I got distracted and threw in some of the guitars that Zer0sen recorded for me a while back along with some dub delays.

I'm a bit disappointed with the result in that it is neither straight-up hammond organ cheese and nor is it a good ska song (like, for example, Audio Active's Skazilla remix of Godzilla), but until someone submits a definitive schmaltz elevator mix, this is the one :).

Updated 2004.05.26: Changed song tempo from 105 bpm to 121 bpm -- all my mixes are slow, I figured I might as well bring this one up a little bit closer to ska speed. Also extended the bridge and restated the main melody again at the end, this time with guitar backing. Old version can still be found here.
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