Howells in the Night

Remixed by Marinedalek
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First of all I sampled a single note length of the Peter Howell theme. With this I created all the bassline sections and put them together to form the bassline. During this process I realised Peter Howell decided to alternate 4-note sections (da-da-da-dum) and 3-note sections (dum-de-dum) seemingly at random, so I went through and noted down all the sections in the bassline before I could put the bassline together. Once all that was done I applied 2 chorus effects to the bassline, a slow flanging one and a fast distorting one.

I then sampled the beginning and end of the Peter Howell theme, added positive distortion and added these to the bassline. That done, I made a new melody section with a sine wave and added distortion and reverb. For the second melody section, I used the standard saw-wave section from the "Synth" remixes. For the third and fourth melody sections I used the Derbyshire sections (from the Destiny of the Doctors CD) and applied heavy distortion. I added these to the remix, with the "Synth" accompaniments playing softly in the background.

I then turned to sound effects. They are mainly sine-wave based but there are one or two square-wave based ones. They were all made in Sound Forge's FM synthesiser.

Lastly, for the rising scale before the last few melody sections, I synthesised an instrument in Stomper Hyperion and made the sequence out of it. Hope you enjoy it as much as you've enjoyed the other remixes, all two of you. ;)

Update 2004.05.29: This weekend I re-built the remix in stereo, and altered some of the sounds, resulting in a new mix. Mainly I added stereo panning and separation effects. Original version is here.
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