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Remixed by J. Thomas Jeans
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Right off the bat I should say that I am not a musician; I took some piano lessons when I was a teenager, but I never really took off in the musical realm. I did, however, own a Yamaha synthesizer in early 1998 and being a Doctor Who nut, I obviously spent a lot of time plucking the theme out on the keyboard. I also had fancy ideas about doing a Doctor Who fan film.

So it stood to reason that I would do my own version of the theme, and I was quite fond of the piano. I was also fond of the Colin Baker and McCoy era theme tunes, and I wanted to do something that was a bit like them but played solely on the piano. Both the McCoy theme and the Trial of the Time Lord theme lacked a sense of urgency and I, the drop out piano student, thought I could do better (oh, how I miss my youth).

The result is a rather short, simple piano version of the theme, with a couple of sound FX laid in on top if it. I apologize for the length and the low quality instrument samples ? this was the best I could do with a Yamaha keyboard and a really crummy computer system in 1998. It won?t win any awards for originality, but I?ve always liked it (I still play it when I?m around a piano) and after coming across it on a archive CD from my old computer, I thought I?d share it.
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