Hellfire Hard Trance featuring the cybermen

Remixed by mikeyt
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This is a hellfire remix of the infamous doctor who tune there is also one other remix on whomix by us!

remember this?

well im not a fan!!! but my mate is and he pesterd me for weeks to make him a hardcore version thats very powerful but true to the original.

well there was more to this story he pestered both of us and asked us to make him a wedding present that’s right a wedding present. this is a wedding of a great raver mate of mine and an awesome gabba dj of the time who unfortunately never made it, but certainly built himself a reputation in the southwest of England as a great performer "dj homicide" a great friend, big who fan and a great supporter of the hellfire duo (mikey and scot). so hes getting hitched we say "wot can we do for a present for ya", hes definitely a wopper of a who fan so he set us a challenge to remix him a mix each. we just looked at each other!! because we had always worked together . . . . so here it is my version this is true hellfire style our last post posted by scot wasn’t realy hardcore as such so we decided to rip it up once more and place this on here hope you like it
p.s as it was for a friend we never featured a mix outro
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