Nightmare Groove

Remixed by Oddsprite
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It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for. I feel I have recorded what may
well be my final Doctor Who cover. I’ve reached the limits of what I can do with the
theme, so doing more than this is pointless (barring moments of mad inspiration). I
wanted to make this track very sparse apart from the Drums and Bass. This I felt
gives a dark quality to the proceedings, hence the title. The soundset was created
entirely on the Korg MS2000b, apart from drums which were supplied by Hammerhead (a
freeware drum synth). As such this track sounds very synthetic, however I am
completely at a loss as to which genre to put it in! All the classic elements are
there from my previous Doctor Who covers, especially the vocoder theme which has
made a comeback. Enjoy.

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