2008 Theme Reconstruction

Remixed by Eaglestriker
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Hi all,
The Christmas Episode 'Voyage of the Damned' of Doctor Who introduced a new revamp of the theme, from Murray Gold. I enjoyed the new theme very much and decided to make a rough reconstruction of the theme so that I can enjoy its rocky edge without the disturbances of relatives and BBC announcers, plus I wanted to fill the gaps and have a fun guess at what it might sound next year! :D
Its a quicky - well, it took less time than my other remixes, but I'm quite happy with it now. Its not note-perfect, it wasn't meant to be - I just wanted to capture the new theme's feel. There some problems with the Derbyshire samples as well, its sort of become engulfed by the Orchestral section. But oh well. The Orchestra section itself was sampled from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales' performance of the theme at the Children in Need Concert from 2006. A sample from the actual 2006-2007 theme is present as well (the Middle 8, mainly). Only ONE sample from the actualy New theme itself is here - that being the muffled whine at the very end. I couldn't simulate it, even though it doesn't sound that hard to do so! Oh well, ta waith.
I don't really play Guitar much, so that was a bit of a nightmare. Its not a prominent sound in this anyhow so it doesn't really matter! :P I compiled this using Acid Music Studio and modified sounds using Nero Wave Editor. I used my PSR-1500 to record the piano and strings, and...thats about it really! Took me, in total, about 6 hours.
I hope you like it! As I said, its just a rough guess, and only contains the obvious elements in the new theme that were heard - there are probably loads more!
Oh, and I hope you all had a nice Christmas! :)
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