Shredded TARDIS Mix

Remixed by Doctor_55
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Yet another mix from me, my first mix went down i think OK which is good! this new mix i think needs a bit of work i will admit i may even try and turn it in to an opining titles theme!!! I thought it would be nice to hear some constructive critisism from the Doctor Who fans to see where they think i can improve. This mix has samples used from both the “Doctor Who Murray Gold Theme” mixed in with samples from the remix of “Singin’ In The Rain” by “Mint Royale” after the Paul McGann Doctor Who dance on you tube featuring the singin’ in the rain track i thought i would put both tracks together which i think works well but anyway see what you all think! Thank you all, Doctor_55 P.S. the 8th Doctor McGann dance thing is here just if you wondered

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