A Celebration

Remixed by whotopia
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After listening to other fans work I thought I'd have a go myself - so here is my first attempt.
After listening to the Children in Need Concert "A Celebration", that was broadcast Christmas 2006, I was so taken aback by the fantastic opening sequence performed by Melanie Pappenheim that I felt that I had to somehow include these haunting vocals into a remix.
So I interwove them, with a bit of echo, into the intro to the Eighth Doctor TV Movie Theme (they seem to go so well together) and then added various quotes from the first seven Doctors. This leads you into the theme tune used in "The Trial of a Timelord" season in 1986 (my favourite version).
A short interlude with the Ninth Doctor taken from "Rose" (again enhanced with the Children in Need Concert opening sequence) finishes with a reworked Full Orchestral version of the Murray Gold Theme. This has been enhanced with various sound effects, echoes and a little something extra at the end.
If others like what I have done, or can suggest improvements, then I may have a go at doing another.
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