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Remixed by Tony Gallichan
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The full length theme that until recently (Approx April 09) was used as the theme for the DWO WhoCast. Its a bit of a cut n shunt as a listener had asked for a full length version, so in a panic I just plopped the opening and closing themes together, lol. The join is fairly obvious and the gap for the opening announcement is still there also. I've put it on here as Martin's versions of the theme that were used previously are here, as is my successor's version, so this way you can get all of 'em, lol.

The theme was developed from various test versions I'd done for Chris Hoyle's Schrodinger Effect film, (and also to an extent, from Mr Dalek's Xmas Bad Wolf -avalible here also), so I've included an intro from that as a tip of the hat. With thanks to the usual suspects, Danny, Ian, Peter and Hardwire...

Tony Gallichan will return in The Flashing Blade podcast very soon....

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