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I just figured I'd submit my final edit of Howell DXi. The reason I've renamed it, is because it no longer works. Originally, it was supposed to have been created only with a softsynth called Dreamstation DXi2. Then I found out that DXi actually stood for Direct-X instrument, or something, so it never really worked to begin with.

Nearly everything has been changed since the original edit. New instruments for all parts of the melody, the bassline's been adjusted a bit, the ending's been fixed, etc. I was thinking of redoing the second part of the melody yet again, this time with a software vocoder before I submitted it, but I seem to have lost a few of the sound files that were used in it, such as the end explosion. :( And I like what I have on it now, anyway. This is also my official farewell to Whomix. I feel like I've done my fair share of making a mockery out of a brilliant piece of music. :-/

So enjoy, and farewell, Whomix. This is Brennan AKA Beta Link signing out.

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