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I’m 14 years old and have been composing pieces of music like rock for about 1 year now. I have Reason 4.0 as a music software so i used this to create the dr who theme. I wanted to use a few good synth sounds which i spent a long time trying to get right so it would sound right in the mix. I knew with just synth’s, the arrangement wouldn’t be full enough so i decided to include an orchestra and a clap of cymbals in the background. To make it sound a bit more like sci – if i added a kind of strange whoozing in the background. I added about 3 layers of the bass line just to make it sound more bass – like. I got asked to do the theme for one of my friends who is currently producing a dr who audio series. I think dr who is good so i had a basic knowledge of how to recreate it, but i discussed with my friend what exactly he wanted. (He is a big dr who fan).

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