Dark Fairytale

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Steven Moffat was asked in an interview how could he best describe his vision of 'Doctor Who', to which he replied "more dark fairytale". That's where the title of this short rendition and its flavour stems from.

Judging by the clips we've seen in both the January and February trailers, you can tell that there is definitely a much darker, magic-like tone - a bit like Alice in Wonderland...in space...yet frequently on Earth...

So that's what I wanted to get across in this version. Amy falling down the rabbit hole, with The Doctor riding a horse through a forest escaping a flying Dalek. Curiouser and curiouser.

Its very orchestral, mostly because I was thrilled with my EWQLSO Package that I received at Christmas and after making a few quiet test pieces, I wanted to make something very epic with those sounds. Also included in this mix are home-grown samples made from my trusty PSR-1500 and of course the Derbyshire elements, most of which were very thankfully provided by Danny Stewart! Thank you!

There are some weak points - too many to go through here - including a weak bassline, which I hoped to be something electronic but based on my experiences, I thought it best be omitted. I'm still changing my Middle 8 all the time, so the closing theme will be up in a couple of weeks once I get my Uni assignments out of the way!

Preceding the music is the opening dialogue segment between The Eleventh Doctor and Amy from the recent - and slightly psychotropic - trailer!

Hope you enjoy it!

P.S - Same as with my other mixes, feel absolutely free to use in any projects as long as you either credit me or no one at all!

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