Who What Where When Why Howell II

Remixed by Forrest
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There's nothing like pressing the Send button to make the defects of the sent item obvious. Hence the new, improved, thoroughly bespangled edition of "Who....Howell".

Details? (y/N) Y

The bass line now has a third octave to make it more audible, though not so audible as some, and is now present in the middle eight reprise[1], the middle eight reprise now has a proper carillon line to distract attention from the gothic choir[2], and whooshes, bleebles and explosions are now present as appropriate.

The TARDIS has been removed but the almost inaudible vocal sample is now more audible. This may have been a mistake.

I decided to ritardando both the M8 and its reprise and pick up the pace in the rest of the piece, possibly too much so.

Finally I took the lazy way out and used portamento for the pitch-bends, so unfortunately they're not as clear as they should be, and the vocoder is only symbolically present ("Vocal Phasing", I'll have some of that please) but I'm pretty sure all the features of the original are now present in one form or another, including the warped bass line in the sting[3] and the backwards echo on the bass line (in only one section, since I couldn't get quite the right effect).

It's got a good beat and you can dance to it. I give it 88/100.

[2 days later] Oops...

As mentioned previously, it's only when the Send button gets clicked that the mistakes show themselves. In this case I forgot to apply a stereo expansion, so some things came out rather mono. Fixed...

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