The Storm at the Heart of the Sun

Remixed by OminousVoice
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This is actually my upteenth version of the Doctor Who theme, though my 1st for whomix. I had previously tackled the theme more than a year ago. That version can be found on Youtube ( There were lots of things I felt were wrong with my first effort, so I went back and started again.

I was able to successfully sample the Derbyshire melody and gave it a new synth bassline. I then layered the instruments on top. I would have preferred to use Howell's bassline, but I could never successfully extract it. I had originally intended for this to be a more synth based arrangement, but of course, I suck with synth. So I stuck with what I was good at. It is heavily influenced by Murray Gold's versions. This time however, some the choir lines are inspired by the series 5 theme, notably the opening fanfare.

Best listened to loud. Do enjoy.

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