Doctor Who 2011

Remixed by Steve Warner
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I had been working on some totally un-related project at the time when i put this track together, and i don’t want to fall out with anyone here, but the 2010 version of the opening theme was so horrific to me that i had to vent my frustration somewhere. I think like a lot of producers reworking the opening theme it starts with a desire to replace the one currently on television, for whatever reason. The odds of being chosen or even heard, by the powers that be, are two fold; slim and none. Anyway tiz done and i hope you all enjoy it. If you’re interested the main software used was cubase with about 20 different virtual synths & drum applications, a roland D70, a Multivox MX-880 Duo(FX & Backing), an ensonique ESQ1 and some old samples i had on an even older Emax(Who opening scream, etc..).

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