The Eleventh Hour

Remixed by Danny Stewart
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I've been on Whomix practically since it was created... I remember when the site only had about half a dozen mixes posted. Since I've been following the site, I've had the privilege of collaborating with quite a few of its contributors. In that time, I've also done countless renditions of my own, but for various reasons, never submitted any of them here. The time has finally come for that to change.

This is my take on Murray Gold's newest rendition of the Doctor Who theme. I started with a close recreation of Murray's version, right down to his drum kit percussion and sloppy, inaccurate bassline. Then I decided to drop the percussion and some of his other trademark elements (such as the staccato strings), beefed up the bassline considerably, and overhauled the melody with a modernized take on Delia Derbyshire's original. I also added some backing pads and effects. Finally, I changed the layout a bit, extending the theme by adding an old Gold style instrumental melody section at the start. The decision to add that instrumental section came very late in making the mix. I was deciding what I should and shouldn't keep from Murray's theme , and I was torn between keeping the brass riff over the bassline intro and ditching it. Ultimately I reached a sort of compromise by adding that intermediate area at the start, giving the mix more time to build into the full theme. I had wanted to lengthen the theme anyway, so adding that section killed two birds with one stone.

I hope you enjoy what will doubtlessly be the first of many of my themes to be posted here.

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