Lay Back And Think Of Gallifrey...

Remixed by Bev
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With this remix I started with the blueprint of my last remix (Dark Seas Remix) so it's similar in some respects, though I stripped most of it away as I went on. Really wanted to lay it back and dub it up a bit, so here we have 'Lay Back And Think Of Gallifrey...'

I used Garageband with a guitar sound for the start of the theme with a dub shadow track, similar with the drum tracks having four or five different echo tracks for the shock notes and 'stabs'. I added low orchestral strings in the later underparts and some synths for the middle 8 (Garageband analog mono and hybrid morphs, tweaked in ways I can't remember). There is a couple of random synth samples at the beginning for atmosphere with some other low pads, plus a Tardis landing and a chopped up Tardis 'sting'.

It will be interesting to see if people see it as over similar to my last mix or not :-)

P.S. I expect this'll get people whingeing about the drums again, heh heh (it's a vital and necessary part of the piece!!)

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