WhoWhatWhereWhenWhyHowell III

Remixed by Forrest
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Four months after Gripweed94 asked for opening and closing edits of Who/Howell v1, I finally set out to do them…and matters Developed.

Upgrades: the sting is sting-ier and the bang bang-ier; the spangles and instrument patches are closer to the classic (including a tinge of vocoder); the faulty notes in the bass line of the Middle 8 reprise have been fixed; the TARDIS has returned.

Questionable decisions: the tempo changes of version 2 are gone; after realizing that the krang! noises that lead into the first Middle 8 sound like a clock striking I wandered down that garden path.

(I did do opening and closing edits of Who/Howell III, which may be found nearby, so I hope that will satisfy.)

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