Harshness of Reality

Remixed by Dalekium
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This is another theme I’ve been tinkering on. Not entirely sure why I gave it its current name…:P

Originally, the plan was that it would be completely original from the 2010 theme, however I experimented with it still included and now its stuck quite firmly. This version of the theme is intended to sound much more electronic than orchestral, so some weird sfx have been added including an electric guitar providing a faint melody and counter melody in the opening. I also thought some Delia could be added although its intention is not to provide the melody/bass, just add to it. :)

However, I’m convinced there is something missing. I tried adding drums which didn’t overly work out so I gave the timpani’s more to do. I think the bass just isn’t strong enough in places. Feel free to tell me what you think could be added or even taken away, I’d more than appreciate it. :)

Enjoy. :D

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