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Using my counterfeit remix as a basis I decided to do a longer version.

I tweaked all the sounds used in Counterfeit and maxed out what my synth could cope with. So as a technical point each sound now has four seperate layers and three filters applied to it. I decided to create a richer sound for this remix since I felt that counterfeit felt a bit hollow in places.

The remix itself is in three parts - the first part builds up with a throbbing baseline, a cutoff treble and choir voices. This then leads to the regular theme. The next section after that is the regular theme again but this time with a stereo echo applied to it (this was mainly applied so that the remix wouldn't get quite so repetitive.

When recording this mix I made sure that I did as little post production as possible. So as such all the layers are seperate live performances (I have yet to jump on the bland MIDI bandwagon). The only post production was volume leveling and obviously the mixdown from Cubasis.

For those of you that are expecting a revolutionising of the theme, look elsewhere, this is simply intended to be another oddsprite performance.
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