DR Who 2004

Remixed by Chris Rice
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I have alwas been a big fan of Dr Who, and have always loved the theme music. No other signiture compares on TV or film. I have written several mixes of the theme over time, the first one being very midi based on an Atari ST. Never done anything with them though, apart from play them to my dad, who is also a big fan!. Of course the PC has since come along way with music and allowed me for the first time to have some real decent samplers and synths to play with, minus the cost! Witht the news of the shows revival, i could not resist attempting another new mix! Then i stumbled across this site.. which i have to say is a real tribute to Ron Grainers classic. Some really great mixes. So here it is for you all to listen to and for the first time i can get some real feedback! I will be doing some more, and will hopefully improve over time!

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