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Remixed by Danny Stewart
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I'm excited to say that I've just launched a brand new podcast (technically my third), and my first that is exclusively dedicated to Doctor Who. I made a new friend at work late last year, and we connected over Doctor Who theme ringtones (as all friendships should start). We started having great geeky Doctor Who discussions, with him providing fresh perspective on the new series for me. I wanted to turn this into a podcast, and I'm glad to say I finally have. The show is called CVE, after the charged vacuum emboitments from Doctor Who's Season 18. The CVEs connected our space, N-Space, with the smaller pocket universe of E-Space. This new show strives to be the CVE that bridges the universe of a classic series diehard with the more modern perspective of the new series. The show is online at

This is the full-length "extended" version of the theme music I composed for the show. I wanted to go for a classic feel and eschew any Gold influences, despite the need for something powerful and energetic. I'm really happy with what I came up with, and I'm really happy with the show too.
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