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This is my first serious attempt at creating my own version of the Doctor Who theme. I've used the old familiar 1963 arrangement, with some obvious homages to the Delia Derbyshire original - namely hushing/warping sounds and a low windy sound during the second melody. These were made using mp3 samples of the sea and wind, treated and pitch-shifted to my own tastes. Ironicly, it isn't nearly as 'natural' sounding as the original!

The whole thing was created using simple MIDI (Wingroove MIDI synthesizer) and by treating the various layers in Cool Edit Pro 2.0. The slightly rough and simple sound of the thing is a big giveaway as to it's simplicity, but I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out. I think this is one occasion where 'too much' reverb did me favours, rather than messing up a mix. It's made of up five melody parts - three for the first melody, two for the second and has two main bassline tracks, one clean and treated, the other very fuzzy and lower in the mix.

I hope someone out there enjoys it!
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