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Here's my new Whomix... long time coming, but someone had the cheek to pay me to do some music so I had to shelve the project for a bit.

WARNING its a bit of a mad little bugger this one!

It came out of one of those drunken conversations with my WhoFan mate Steven, we are both fans of the work of the composer Michael Nyman and we decided that he would have done a good arrangement of the Who theme. And there you have it... I plugged in my trusty Korg got half way thro it and had to stop to set some Kipling poems to jungle beats (I kid you not). But I've done it now and posted it.

I have aped Nyman at his most wacky (i.e. Zed and Two Noughts with a touch of Prospero's Books added in for good measure (go and listen to both of these soundtracks they are extraordinary)) hope you like it... It makes me laugh every time!

Dancing Rat.
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