Lost In Bass

Remixed by Forrest
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I just don't know what went wrong.

Actually I do know what wrong -- I tried to correct "Who What Where When Why Howell" using Danny Stewart's Howell MIDI reference (good idea) and then (bad idea) piled everything on including three kitchen sinks and a bathtub and forgot I had the equalizer turned on and oh, merciful Zarquon and sweet Celestia, the only thing salvageable was the post-processed DX-7 emulator bass line. (Well, my JVC headphones really like it; the Sennheisers are noncommittal, and my cheap speakers just go "huh?")

Anyway, enough weeping over the wreckage, here's said bass line, suitable for remixing or rapping fish (i.e. Billy Bass) -- maybe someone somewhere can somehow get something out of it. "But what, Melvin, what? And what of Lazarus?"

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