Falling from a Cloud v2.0

Remixed by Dalekium
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So, this has been several months in the making. Endlessly obsessing and slaving, possibly using time that would've been better spent on this education thing (anyone know what that is?), I've finally produced a far more comprehensive follow-up to the original Falling from a Cloud Remix based on Murray Gold's latest iteration of the theme and has gone through endless amounts of editing back and forth, tweaking here and there (if you want to listen to one of the past versions, it's on my youtube account). And I'm glad that I did spend all this time really getting to grips with the different layers and textures that make this theme what it is.

Firstly, I feel I should apologise for the bassline: A) for Gold abandoning most of the technical side of the bass melody and B) for me never getting the synth strong or prominent enough. What you hear in this mix is the closest I could get to replicating it but I personally don't find it satisfactory and I think Eaglestriker matched it best.

However, this mix isn't just an extended replica of the theme latest theme. It's split into three acts with Act I being 2013 Gold with incorporated elements from the 2013 Christmas and 2010 Proms theme. While the balancing between music and sound effect was very off in places in the 2013 Christmas theme, I found myself missing the raw energy and presence of the percussions. I like to think of Act I as an attempt at a compromise between the two themes.

Act I leads us directly into Act II, and this is where there's a significant change. The bassline reverts to the traditional Derbyshire two-layer split (although the bottom layer is a little smothered) while the melody features the Derbyshire melody (sampled and provided by Danny Stewart) littered with numerous explicit and subtle melodic allusions to past themes (two cookies for whoever guesses the homages correctly), a few of which also feature throughout Act III.

This segues into Act III which I originally planned as what the latest theme "should have been" but unfortunately it quickly evolved into Murray blasting on the horns and generally it sounds like a bit of an attempt at the 2008 theme with other stuff included. I like it though, loud extravagance is a guilty pleasure (and could perhaps do with some tempering in the future) and I find the closing bars to be my favourite bit (because that's when everyone applauds in relief that the horror is over!) of the mix.

This theme also features an attempt at the unused sting (sample again provided by Danny) and the aptly titled "sonic moo", something which I only decided to include very late on.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

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