Wanderers in the 5th Dimension

Remixed by Marinedalek
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A while ago I started to remaster my first remix, Wanderers in the 4th
Dimension. I resampled the bassline and made sure all the samples kept
the tempo constant. Also, I used a higher-quality copy of the theme to
create the bassline samples which eliminated most of the background
hiss and some of the clicks. I assembled the bassline in the usual way
- building up the tune sample by sample until I had the full
progression. I then added the same chorus effect as in the first mix
and re-equalised the mix to give it some more clarity. After that I
was distracted for a few months, mainly because I couldn’t face the
daunting task of putting together new melody sections. Yesterday I
remembered the bassline and realised the melody sections could now be
made on the cs-80v and possibly sound better than if I had hand-made
them from an fm synth. I made up the various sections and laid them
over the bassline. However, the mix sounded a little hollow so I
sampled the long hisses and short rhythmic hissing patterns from Mark
Ayres’ 2002 stereo remix (cough*Centre Channel Extraction*cough),
stereo-enhanced them and laid them over the mix. I strengthened the
main melody and answering phrase with samples of the original melody
at low volume. I have a thing for sound effects, so I added some
manipulated TARDIS effects at the very beginning and over the bridge
sections. In the quiet 4-bar section before the second bridge, I added
the sound of the dalek time machine from Day of the Daleks. After all
that, I sampled some short melodic phrases from the Peter Howell theme
and put them in the relevant places.

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