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As a shameless purveyor of filk music as well as a Doctor Who fan, I've noticed that most songs about the Doctor have generally been humorous ones. So, being contrary, I decided that I wanted to write a serious song about Doctor Who. After a few abortive attempts that sounded more goth-like than anything else, I stumbled across the chords for the Doctor Who theme while noodling around on the guitar (it's pretty simple - Am, G, E7 over and over again), and decided that it would be interesting to fit vocals to the actual theme tune. This is the result.

(I apologise for the sound quality - I recorded it directly into my Powerbook's dinky little microphone. The lyrics can be found at

EDIT (2005.01.08)
khaosworks writes, "Jonathan D. Craig (JDX) cleaned up "Who Am I" - maybe this can replace the one on whomix with an additional note in the blurb. "

mutagene adds, "Crazy noise or noise-reduction spectral artifacts... the choice is yours. The original mix is here: who am i (original).
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