Doctor Who 2005

Remixed by Chris Rice
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I have a new mix to submit to you. Below is the write up. It’s called the DR
Who 2005 mix, could not think of anything else really!

In my last who mix, I had a fair amount of feedback, an it seem to be a 50/50
split about the drums and samples!! As im a sucker for Dr Who samples and break
beat, this new mix again contains them both. I have created a new drum pattern
which I hope you think fits a lot better with the track. I have blasted the
main theme with compressor, reverb and delay effects to try and make the main
theme a lot more atmospheric. I have synthed up the bass line, and given it a
lot more ummph to fit in with the style of this mix. 1963 samples galore… i
hope you like!!!!

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