Mesmerist Mix

Remixed by Rat Souffle
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This theme is named for The Mesmerist, a bar in Brighton, where myself and long-time Whomix contributors Danny Stewart and Chris Adams (HardWire) spent an evening last month, after which Danny fell asleep in my living room and I decided to attempt to wake him up by making a Doctor Who theme. (It didn't work.)

The theme was recorded track by track onto an 8-channel Yamaha multitrack tape machine and all parts were performed live. No sequencing was used but some tracks were recorded at half and 75% speed to ensure timings were as exact as possible.

The bassline is comprised of three tracks, with the first layer performed on a Korg Polysix, and the second layer a combination of Yamaha DX7 and Clavia Nord Lead 3. Both phrases of Melody 1 were recorded simultaneously onto one track of tape, performed on both the DX7 and the Nord Lead 3 with a similar patch on each. Melody 2 and the Middle-8/Bridge melody are on a Korg M1, with the Polysix providing the emphasis melody, again played simultaneously and recorded onto one track.

The three remaining tracks consist of various combinations of the above synthesisers recorded at varying speeds to create sound effects and pads. Additionally, some of the outputs of the first five tracks were patched through outboard effects units with the tape running backwards to create pre-delays and swells.

Finally, the completed multitrack was recorded into Logic and mixed and mastered.

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