DG Constellation Mix

Remixed by Danny Stewart
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This is my latest remix of Dominic Glynn's 1986 (and 2008, and now 2014) Doctor Who theme. It is heavily inspired by and based upon the awesome remixes Dom did for his brand new Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Remixes release, which is available today. If you haven't already done so, I very highly recommend that you check it out and download it to support Dom's continued work with the theme.

Since this mix is based on Dom's newest theme arrangements, it has been under development since March, and has evolved considerably since its first version. With every new version I heard from Dom, there were more ideas and sounds that I wanted to incorporate into my own mix, and the final version incorporates many. In fact, the most recent change to the mix was also the most substantial; the bassline was completely overhauled, in part after hearing the extremely cool sweeping bass drones Dom used in the Syzygy mix (which is likely my favorite of all of them).

I hope you enjoy this mix, but it wouldn't exist without Dominic Glynn and all the work he has done with the theme over the years (but especially this year). My mix very clearly stands on the shoulders of his as he continues to inspire some of my best work, and I hope you will download the Gallifrey Remixes as well to show your support.

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